Archival Art

Aldo Tambellini Art Foundation

“Black Infinity in the Moment” is the culmination of the life’s work of Aldo Tambellini, an avant garde artist who has continuously expanded and redefined cinema throughout its history as an experimental art-form. From the age of 6 when he projected a lanterna magica in his home in pre-war Italy, to the 1960’s in New York City where Aldo created cameraless films and became
one of the first artists to illuminate buildings with artistic projections, to the advent of television where Aldo worked on the first and second program by artists for broadcast television (Black Gate Cologne 1968, the Medium is the Medium, WGBH Boston, 1969), to his time at MIT in the 1980’s, Aldo has always worked at the bleeding edge of art and technology. Today, at the age of 87, and in collaboration with Daniel Koff and Nicholas Vandenberg of Solomon Office, Aldo has reassembled his hand-painted glass slides, film, videos, poetry and sound into a new avant garde virtual reality film experience.