Wayfinding & Digital Storytelling

City of Lawrence

As the 150th anniversary of the largest industrial disaster in Massachusetts history approached, the City of Lawrence was locked in a narrative of contamination in need of being transformed into a story of redemption. Demographic changes in the Immigrant City disconnected recent residents from those who had lived in the city for generations, and the emerging digital divide was poised to isolate people even further. Rather than creating one platform which could become outdated, this augmented reality interpretive history trail is modular, bilingual, and resides on multiple channels, which has enabled it to be expanded and be taken on by teachers as a project-based learning experience. 

  • 2 Phases completed
  • 8 Signs installed
  • $80,000+ Budget
  • The brand guidelines for this "pilot" project have since been adopted city-wide by Mayor Dan Rivera
  • Winner of Indie Spec Best Cinematography Award for a Documentary at 2011 Boston International Film Festival