Lowell Heritage Partnership

In October of 2015 the Lowell Heritage Partnership approached Solomon Office for assistance in creating a new vision for the public space surrounding the waterways in Lowell. The multiple rivers and canals that crisscross the city have the potential to connect people, yet the complicated nature of their ownership and management poses a challenge for improvement projects and maintenance. By celebrating water-based resources through demonstration events, participatory mapping, and artistic illustrations, the Waterways Vitality Initiative was able to rally the community and major stakeholders around a celebration of the water-based resources in Lowell. With an initial investment of $11K, the initiative was able to leverage a commitment of $1M in funding for related activities by the time of its launch a year later. 

Watch this video here and check out the Action Plan at

Download the plan here.



  • From an initial investment of $11K, the Initiative raised over $1M in one year of planning
  • Video received over 40K views in its first 48 hours